Friday, October 1, 2010

Signs of Our Times

I have a few photos in an online exhibit at Mobius, in Boston, MA, called "Signs of Our Times: An online study of signs, especially as means of language or miscommunication."  Check it out here or at Also be sure to check out all the other artists' work by clicking on their names. 

Here's one of my photos, just for a teaser:


  1. Hi, cool page! I noticed you liked art, and I just started my own art blog, maybe you can check it out=) thanks

  2. Hi Helen, that's a terrific one. Was there an Inferno/Hell/Hades street around the corner?

    I got a few pieces into "Signs of Our Times" as well!

  3. I noticed you were on there too, Ian - just a couple of days ago. Very cool. This was taken in Newport, RI. I didn't find a Satan Street, but maybe I was just in the wrong part of town ;-)