Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Déjà Vu

Yes.  I feel like I've been here before.  Well... I have been here before, kinda.  Turns out painting is sort of like riding a bike.  If you haven't done it in a really (really) long time, you might be afraid at first.  You might even think that you can't do it anymore.  You'll probably even feel stupid mentioning it to people.  Sure - your balance might be a little off and you might wobble a bit at first, but before you even realize it, *POOF*, you're riding your bike (painting), just like it was yesterday.

Nothing really "done" to show at this time, but feel like I'm finally *doing this* and it feels great.  That feeling's different though.  New.  Shiny.  In my younger years, I put the "pain" in "painting".  It was rarely a pleasant experience.  But now, I am finding joy in the process.  A combination of creativity, activity, relief, release, expression, time for myself...  Whatever the painting is about is perhaps another story, but I finally feel ready to tell that story again.  It'll be OK, Helen.


  1. LOVE that, "pain in painting." That's awesome. I so relate, regarding music. I'm in a weekly quartet now and it has completely offered me a chance to heal my violin-playing past, now that I can switch back and forth between violin and viola. It's like a completely different experience now, filled with joy and openness to what's happening. Hooray for you, this blog, and this upcoming endeavor!! xoxoxo

  2. As we grow, and learn to let go, I think it's really about "a returning." Looks like you're well on your way... good for you!