Sunday, February 28, 2010

Women Artists Group Show at Van Buren Gallery

Saturday, February 27, 2010 was an historic day.  It was the first time my work was seen in a gallery since college.  Nice.

I didn't really expect anyone to come to the opening.  The weather here in the Hudson Valley has been atrocious and, and a result, the opening was postponed from Friday to Saturday.  There was snow, rain, ice and hundreds of thousands of people without electricity or access to the Internet (my major form of communication with the outside world).  I resolved myself to think that if it was just me standing in a room with a bunch of art, then hey - more wine for me.  But I was pleasantly surprised.  Dozens of people dug their cars out and braved the elements for what proved to be a fun and productive evening.  I really loved taking my "massage therapy hat" off for a few moments and being in the moment with the art and hearing what people thought about it.

I showed three pieces.  Pink Oval Head on Black Cat Body, Eleven Pillars and Boob Brigade.   I think the most interesting moment came for me while some women were looking at Boob Brigade and they were all comparing themselves to it - trying to find which ones they were.  People really related to this piece, and  in a way I didn't expect.  Awesome.

Please join me and Eileen Quinn, another artist in the group show on March 20th for our gallery talk.  She will be talking about her travels to Kenya and her resulting photographs, and I will be talking about my Art All Year project and announcing my solo show at the Van Buren Gallery later this year which will include another gallery talk about the year-long project.

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